Cedar Breaks

Cedar Breaks is given the perfect tagline as “Unique Sound. Familiar Feel.” Their New Age Folk music inspires listeners to reflect on home, faith, and heritage.

Cedar Breaks magically weaves lyrics and music to describe tender thoughts of the soul through songs like “Prayer,” “Tyme, Aspects of Home” “Set to Wander,” and “Believe”. But their lively bluegrass music, shared in “My Dog,” also reminds us to be happy and find joy in our memories of the little (and slobbery) things in life.

They use powerful video imaging to complete their message to the senses. Their innovative videos feature in family, Christian, and contemporary film festivals each year. Tyme, Aspects of Home was their breakthrough film festival winning musical documentary about Utah. More recently, Cedar Breaks’ “Prayer” won Best Music Video awards in film festivals in Hollywood and Pennsylvania.

Cedar Breaks is the combined talent of Rebecca Croft (vocals), Michael Gibbons (vocals & acoustic guitar), Diana Glissmeyer (vocals), Keith Behunin (banjo & guitar), and Mike Ericksen (guitar).