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Hello. This is Carl Watkins on the Southeast Idaho Hotline for L.D.S. Singles. Please join me and Glenn Rawson for the “Sounds of Sunday” heard on several radio stations in Southeast Idaho. Listen any time to “Sounds of Sunday 24/7” on your smart phone, tablet or computer using the Freestreems Free Radio APP, the TuneIn Radio APP. For more information visit us at . The script for these announcements is posted at , scrolling down to the bottom of the page under “SE Idaho Single Adults.”

We feel it our service to provide this hotline for LDS Singles. However with new several website postings, we are uncertain how much interest remains for us to continue this hotline. It is becoming increasingly difficult for us to obtain a complete list of SE Idaho Single Adult events. If you know of someone to advise us or assist us, please call us at 785-5940.

Every Monday night except for holidays “Family Home Evening” is held at 7:00 in Rigby at Linda’s house at 223 North 4000 East. For more information, call 745-7527.

Every Wednesday night ,except for holidays, a “Book of Mormon” class is held at 7:15 in Idaho Falls at the EITC Institute Building at 1335 Ashment Drive near 17th Street one block west of Hitt Road.

Every Wednesday night ,except for holidays, a Rigby Singles “Institute Class” is held at 7:00 in the Rigby South Stake Center Relief Society Room at 106 North 3800 East, 2 miles south of Rigby High School. The topic comes from the “History in the Fullness of Times.”

Every Thursday night ,except for holidays, a mid-singles Institute Class is held at 7:00 at the Madison High School Seminary building south of Rexburg at 2300 University Boulevard. The topic is “The Teachings of the Living Prophets.”

To join the Idaho Falls Single Adult Choir, and for their schedule, call Janet Orchard at 529-1833.

For dances, press 1; to skip to other events, press 2.

Here are the upcoming dances:

Saturday night, November 7th the Pocatello Singles Dance will be held from 8:30-11:30 in the Pocatello Alameda Stake Center at 930 East Alameda Road across from Ridley’s on Pocatello Creek Road. The DJ will be Skyler Davies.

Friday night, November 27th the Idaho Falls Regional Singles Dance will be held from 9:00 til midnight in the Idaho Falls South Stake Center is at 2051 South Emerson. On 17th Street go 2 blocks south of Holmes. Turn south on Emerson and proceed 3 and a half blocks to the church on the left.

Here are the other upcoming events:

Saturday and Sunday November 7th and 8th the Pocatello Single Adult Conference will be held in the Pocatello Alameda Stake Center at 930 East Alameda Road across from Ridley’s on Pocatello Creek Road. The theme is “Look Ahead and Believe.” The conference will begin Saturday at 1:00 PM with the keynote speakers Janice and Bryson Cook who served as the Zimbabwe Mission President. Their topic will be “You Can Make Your Pathway Bright.”
The workshops will begin at 2:30 with 50 minute classes beginning at 2:40, 3:40, and 4:40. Four classes will be offered:
“How to Rebuild Trust,” “Focus on the Temple/Worthiness & Endowment,” “Accessing the Atonement through More Meaningful Prayer,” and “Meet/Greet/Mingle Workshop Activity.”
A dinner/banquet will follow from 6:00 till 7:00.
Dance instructions and a mingling activity will run from 7:15 to 8:15, followed by a dance and board games from 8:30 to 11:30.
The singles conference will conclude with a fireside Sunday night at 6:30. The speakers will be Todd and Traci Blankinton. Their topic will be “Being Happy Now.”

Other events will be added later as this hotline is updated. The script for these announcements is posted at under “SE Idaho Single Adults” at the bottom of the home page. Please tell your friends about us, The Southeast Idaho Hotline for LDS Singles - 782-2001.

For LDS single events in the Boise area, call 208-333-0001. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

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