A Time to Love - Lex de Azevedo

"A Time to Love" was produced in the 80s by Lex de Azevedo and Carol Lynn Pearson. It was subtitled, "A musical program for young people on the joys and pitfalls of romantic love." It was originally released as an audio cassette and a VHS videotape, and later as an audio CD around 2004. Today it is out of print. The music was so good that it should not be forgotten. And the video performances add a special touch.

We thank Steve Thompson of Limelight Video of Idaho Falls for dubbing the videotape to a digital file and to my daughter Deserie Watkins Jensen for adding the CD quality audio to the video product. Lip-syncing the narrations was an amazing feat as the audio and video narrators were not the same. The other narrations were not included; thus three songs were edited at the beginnings so as to emphasize the musical performances. We hope you enjoy them. - Carl Watkins

"A Time to Love" by Bobby White

"The Gift of My Love" by Julie de Azevedo Hanks and David Joyce

"My Baby's Mother" by Bobbi White

"The Ballad of Laura Jean" by Bobbi White and Amick Bryam

"If It's Love" by Fran Sparks

"Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms" by Amick Bryam

"The Last Touch" by Gene Merlino

"We Can Have It All" by Fran Sparks

"A Time to Love" Reprise