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From “In the Midst of Thee” – volume 2.

Valentine’s Day either warms the heart, or it tears it apart.

Love is a gift from God, and men are that they might know love. But we cannot truly love others though until we first love God, and then feel His love for us. So with that, may I share some of my first memories of love? I hope they help, and there is a message.

I was just a little boy growing up in Idaho’s Lemhi valley. Dad was a ranch hand, and Mom stayed at home. I remember Dad going down into the fields to change water, and coming back with a bouquet of spring wild flowers for my mom. She would light up like sunshine every time he did that, and he knew it. The flowers are gone now, but the memories are still there. My dad never knew it, but I was watching.

We were poor growing up. You know, that didn’t seem to matter to Dad at Christmas time. Every year the single most expensive, most thoughtful gift under the tree was the one he got for my mom. And her reaction was always the same. She was thrilled. Somehow it was always the perfect gift, and what she just most wanted. She would brag on the gift, and Dad would beam like a lighthouse. They knew how to give and how to receive of each other. My parents really knew how to do Christmas.

I remember another time when my dad made me so angry, I stormed into the house and vented my frustration to my mother. To my surprise, her indignation was instant and fierce. I will never forget how quickly she put me in my place – like body slammed me! Never again did I speak against my dad to her. No one could come between them. They were one, and determined to stay that way. I didn’t understand then, but I do now.

And again, meat and ‘taters, meat and ‘taters – you know, this day I can’t eat fried spuds. I swear, it was the only thing my mom ever fixed. I came to loathe that stuff! Did my mom not know how to cook, you ask? Oh no, my mother is an excellent cook. It’s just that meat and ‘taters was my dad’s favorite meal. She could cook many things, but her favorite thing to fix was what Dad liked.

I still laugh when I remember those times when Dad would sneak up behind my mom, usually while she was cooking, and he would just give her a swat! Mom would whirl around; she’d get all indignant, and pretend to be so mad; she’d grab a skillet or anything she could get her hands on, and take off after him. Dad would holler and scream like he was being killed, and he would run for his life. She’d always catch him though – he’d make sure of that – and they’d laugh and they’d tussle, and the outcome was always the same. It always ended in a tender embrace and a kiss. The best of friends – they were, and still are.

February 2nd was their (50th) wedding anniversary. They have the best marriage this man has ever seen.

On this Valentine’s Day, my friends, those of you loved and in love, be grateful to the God of Heaven for this Godly gift.

And to those of you whose arms are empty, and whose hearts ache, please know that God knows. He is love, and the closer you come to Him, the more you will love and be loved. Those who live with Him and in Him never live alone – not now, not ever!

Glenn Rawson – February 2, 2007
Music: Sunday Morning Medley’s, track 2 (edited) – Dustin Snow
Song: Jim Brickman and Donny Osmond – Love of My Life