055 - Mr. Wilde

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One of the wonderful things about Christmas is that there are people [at] this time of the year who get remembered who usually don’t, and they get remembered in special ways that come from the heart. May I share an example?

A couple of young ladies, Aliza and Cami, wanted to do a service project for Christmas. A friend of theirs suggested they do ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ for someone. Ah, that was a great idea, but they didn’t know for whom they’d do it.

So over the next several days, they prayed and asked Heavenly Father who they should help. Cami’s mind kept returning to an elderly gentleman who lived nearby whose name was Lee Wilde. Lee was in poor health and lonely, his wife having passed away many years ago. And he seldom went out of the house except for a daily trip to his pasture to feed a few cows. Neither Cami nor Aliza knew him, but a strong feeling from within told them that he was the right person.

Each day for eleven days, they managed to leave little notes and gifts anonymously for Lee. It got harder and harder to do because Lee caught on, [and] was trying to catch them.

Finally, on the 12th day, because Cami was out of town snowmobiling, Aliza and her mother went to deliver the last gift. As she and her mother drove down the road, looking for a hiding place, a strong prompting came to Aliza that she should allow Mr. Wilde to visit with her. Ah, at – at first she put it off. This was all meant to be anonymous. When she told her mother her feelings, her mother said ‘yes, she should remain anonymous.’ But as they discussed it further, her mother suddenly changed her mind telling her to follow the Spirit.

So, nervously Aliza knocked on Lee’s door. Lee answered it. And as she explained who she was, he got a puzzled look on his face – and then suddenly his face brightened; he caught on.

Inviting her in, he took her to his kitchen table where he had all of their gifts laid out, including a small white sack of peanuts, a gift for her and Cami.

He told her that he had been waiting for them every night, and that they had made his Christmas a very happy one.

Returning home, Aliza couldn’t hold back the tears as she told her mother what had happened and the feelings that she had felt.

Now, the next morning while Aliza and her family were gathered around the Christmas tree opening gifts, a knock came at the door. Opening it, they discovered Cami and her mother. They had come by to tell her Mr. Wilde had passed away that morning.

This Christmas as you give – and I know you will – may you be guided more by the spirit in your heart than the balance in your account.

Merry Christmas to you.

Adapted from “The Twelfth Day”, Aliza Brown, December 1993, New Era, p. 9
Glenn Rawson – December 1997
Music: Aires Christmas, track 5 (edited) – Kurt Bestor
Song: The Christmas Gift of Love – Felicia Sorenson Wolfe