027AR - The Rock of Offense

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From “In the Midst of Thee” – volume 1.

Not long ago I got really curious, and I looked up ‘rock’ and ‘stone’ in the topical guide of my scriptures. I learned some interesting things.

First: I learned that Christ was often referred to as the ‘Rock of Salvation’ and ‘the only sure foundation of righteousness.’ That seemed a fitting metaphor – because, well, like a rock, He’s strong, firm, unchanging, and enduring – capable of weathering the storms and bearing our weight.

Second: I noticed that when the Lord and His people entered into covenant relationships, there were usually stones piled or fitted in the form of altars or pillars which served as continual reminders of those covenants, and how they should be as enduring and unchanging as the stones themselves.

So why is it then, given all these qualities about Jehovah, that God’s people over the last six thousand years have so frequently fallen into apostasy and been destroyed? Well, herein lies the story. I found the answer to that question – literally the hard way!

In an effort one day to teach some young people this principle about Christ, the Rock, I brought in to my classroom a huge square lava rock probably weighing about two hundred pounds. Using the rock, I explained that because of the nature of this type of stone, its strength and durability, it was often used years ago to build foundations for homes. We then discussed how the Savior was like that stone, sure and solid, unchanging, able to be the foundation for our eternal house of faith.

However, I explained, for those who will not trust the Savior and follow Him, He becomes a continual nuisance. He becomes the stone in your path on a dark night that causes you to stumble, or worse yet, falls on you and crushes you when you least expect it. The Savior is the stone that will not go away and cannot be avoided.

Well, I used that rock throughout the day to make my point. You know, and looking back, I think it went well.

Late that night, after teaching an evening class, I turned off the lights, and strode quickly toward the exit of my classroom. Yep, you guessed it! Suddenly, something caught both my shins, causing me to stumble and fall headlong to the floor. I had forgotten my rock. I lay there wounded and bleeding in intense pain, wishing – oh, wishing I had remembered. It took weeks for that to heal.

Just like ancient Israel, I had – I had forgotten Him who must not be forgotten nor ignored. I hadn’t – I hadn’t meant to. I just forgot!

The Psalmist once said, “Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher then I.” (Psalms 61: 1-2)

Glenn Rawson – August 1999
Music: The Rock of Offense – Michael Leavitt
Song: Come See the Light – Freddie Ashby