017AR - Courage to Do Right

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From “In the Midst of Thee” – volume 1.

Some time ago one of my daughters ran into a difficult situation with some friends who wanted to watch a movie with a questionable rating. When asked her opinion, she said she didn’t want to watch it. Well, it turned out that she was the only one who didn’t, and you can probably guess what happened next. The others began to pressure her, saying things like, “You haven’t even seen it. How can you judge it?” Some of them even got mad at her.

Well, it made her feel bad. It made her wonder if she had done the right thing. Should she have spoken up, or simply have been quiet for the sake of peace?

Well, a few days after she told me what happened, I was reading in the scriptures, and a story about the Savior jumped out at me, and took on a whole new meaning. So, if you would indulge the old man for a minute [moment], this story is for my daughter. I hope she’s listening.

One Sabbath Day Jesus went into the synagogue to teach, and as always, some of His enemies were there. Now, sitting in that meeting was a man who had a crippled hand. The Savior’s enemies watched Him carefully, just to see if He would heal that man on the Sabbath Day, which they considered a very great sin.

Now, the Savior knew what they were thinking. He knew that if He healed that man, they’d be offended and there would be trouble.

Now, my dear daughter, take a look at this situation: Jesus could have ignored the man with the withered hand. He didn’t have to help him. He didn’t have to say anything. No one would have thought any less of Him if He had simply finished His teaching and gone on His way. I mean after all, He didn’t heal every afflicted person He encountered.

But the Savior had more courage than that. He had the courage to do the right thing, even if it would make others mad.

He said to the man with the withered hand, “… Stand forth.” (Mark 3:3)

The man stood up. Jesus then faced His enemies, and He asked them if it was wrong to do good. And then He stood there looking at them as He waited for their answer. They refused to answer – what could they say?

Jesus turned to the afflicted man. “… Stretch forth thine hand …” He said. (Mark 3:5)

As the man stretched out his hand, it was instantly healed and made whole.

Well, the Savior’s enemies were so mad, they got up and stomped out of the meeting. Now, that alone would be bad enough, but they also began putting together a plan to kill Him. The Savior had to leave the area just to stay alive.

Now, my dear, look at this: Doing the right thing to show off is self-righteous, and that is very very wrong. But doing right when you could get away with doing wrong, even if it does offend people, that’s what it means to be righteous, and that will always take great courage.

Based on Mark 3:1-7
Glenn Rawson – August 1, 1999
Music: Courage to Do Right – Michael Leavitt
Song: Fearless Heart – Katherine Nelson